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“The architectural appearance of the building, which gives us a feeling that corresponds to its purpose, this is the style.”


Troitsky LCD is a unique project of Alef Estate, which harmoniously interacts with the environment, complementing the beautiful historical composition of the center of the Dnieper. The residential complex TROITSKY is located in the heart of the historical part of the Dnieper, at the intersection of Troitskaya (formerly Krasnaya Street) and Starokozatskaya (formerly Komsomolskaya St.) streets. The favorable location of the residential complex will allow you to save time significantly. The best, restaurants and SPA salons, shopping and business centers, schools and kindergartens are concentrated within walking distance.


Architectural monument

It has never been so easy to be in the atmosphere of the ancient architecture of the XX century and at the same time get a full range of the most modern and technological solutions.

Underground parking

Convenient underground parking in a historic building for 40 cars.

The historical part of the city

The residential complex Troitsky is located in the historic center of the city, which will allow you to use the developed infrastructure within walking distance.

Landscaped area

Closed landscaped area for residents and guests of the complex with a children's playground and landscape design with small architectural forms.

Floor Plans

The residential complex TROITSKY is a sophisticated combination of history and modernity.

Architectural monument

The architecture of the XX century, in combination with modern technologies, was embodied in the residential complex TROITSKY. The residential complex combines a historic and modern building.

Brief historical and architectural reference:

“The apartment building on Krasnaya Street was built in 1913. The uniqueness of this building emphasizes the fact that it is recognized as an architectural monument. The house was located 17 apartments, each of which consisted of 4 to 7 rooms.”

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Residential complex Troitsky - a new level of attitude to living space


Alef Estate – is the number 1 developer in the Dnipropetrovsk region in
areas of architecture, design and construction. Since 2001
in the residential and commercial real estate market, the company confirms its reputation as a leading developer in the Dnieper.
Exclusive residential, office and retail real estate projects
Alef Estate create a new architectural image of the city, applying modern technologies and methods of construction. We create
real estate objects that we can confidently call the Dnieper business card!

Your every day will be especially beautiful in Troitsky LCD


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